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Programs are designed for schools that want to have a continuing curriculum on weapons proficiency and defense. The programs listed below are set up to evolve from one program to the next.

Programs also offer ranking as well as testing for proficiency within ranks. Competency requirements must be met at each level. Written and practical exams are required for promotion to next higher rank.

Programs also offer schools a value added incentive for students to maintain their training and enrollment. This helps to promote student retention and goodwill..

Inayan Siniwalis/Dequrdas Style Of Eskrima Training

This is a 15 month course that introduces students to the art of weapons defense and proficiency. This program concentrates more on the use of double sticks (Siniwali) to develop a student's eye-hand coordination as well as focus and concentration. There are four levels of proficiency testing in this program.

After the first two levels of proficiency has been achieved the student is then introduced to the Dequerdas, single stick, style of defense. Stick to stick disarms are taught as well as disarm reversal. Advanced Siniwali applications are also studied.

Inayan Larga Mano/Bankow, Siba Training

The Larga Mano/Bankow style of training examines long range methods of employing weapons. Weapons range in length from 28 inches to spear or staff length. There are also four levels of proficiency in this program which will take the student approximately 15 months to complete.

Inayan Serrada/Kadena De Mano Eskrima

These two styles of Eskrima are the most prestigious and the most difficult styles to become proficient. Proficiency and ranking in these styles are set by Suro Mike Inay. Since these styles demand stringent proficiency requirements, the duration of training and testing criteria is determined by the Inayan Guros and the Master of the Inayan System of Eskrima, Suro Mike Inay.

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