About ISE Styles

Inayan Serrada (to "Shut or Close")
Inayan Serrada is a medium to close range style. Serrada stylists use an 18" to 26" weapon (stick), depending on the physical stature of an individual. The weapon techniques can be translated into hand-to-hand applications very effectively. In the Inayan System of Eskrima, it is the most important of the core styles.

Inayan Larga-Mano ("Long hand")
Inayan Larga-Mano is a long range style of combat employing a 26" to 40" weapon. The Inayan Larga Mano Style of Eskrima uses a forty-inch weapon and is representative of the "Kampilan Sword". We include the staff and spear (Sibat-Bankow) training in this curriculum. Larga-Mano is one of the core styles in the Inayan System of Eskrima.

Inayan Kadena De Mano ("Chain of Hands")
Inayan Kadena-De-Mano is a short-range style of combat employing an 8" to 18" weapon. Emphasis is on bladed (Knife) weapon, hand-to-hand and grappling aspects of combat. It is a core style in the Inayan System of Eskrima.

Inayan Sinawali ("Pattern or Weaving")
The theory of this style of training can be employed at different ranges. The weapons can vary in length and can be inter-mixed. It is usually practiced with two weapons (sticks) of equal length. The Inayan Sinawali style is good for people who are starting out in the art of Eskrima since it is very easily taught to beginners. Although this style is easy to learn, it is not so easy to master.

Inayan Dequerdas ("The Cord" or "To Cord")
Dequerdas is a medium range style that uses reinforced blocking with the off or shield hand on the weapon. It is similar to the style of Modern Arnis. It is a simple but effective method of defense and is easily taught to beginners as well as individuals who do not want to dedicate much time to the study of weapons defense and offense.

Inayan Espada-E-Daga ("Sword and Dagger")
This is a medium to close range style of combat. Not recommended for beginners, students in the Inayan System of Eskrima do not seriously study this style without first becoming proficient in the core styles.

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