About ITO Seminars

Seminars are designed to give the student knowledge on some type of self-defense method. They are also an excellent way in which to give a student a brief introduction and overview of a martial arts discipline in which they are interested.

There are several seminar formats available from the ITO, ranging in complexity from basic techniques to instructor certification. These seminars are designed to be training modules of information and techniques to use and practice. They are not intended to make the student an expert on any of the disciplines that these techniques were derived from.

ITO (Inayan Training Organization) Seminars

Reactive Knife Defense Seminars

The Reactive Knife Defense was originally designed to teach law enforcement a method of defending or responding to an unexpected edged weapon threat from an aggressive subject. The system is based on sound principles of defense and control. Other aspects such as distancing, positioning and body language are covered as well.

Basic Reactive Knife Defense - (3 to 4 hours)
This seminar introduces the student to the basic concepts and techniques of the Reactive Knife Defense. Stress drills are also introduced to get the student to perform dynamically while under stress.

Reactive Knife Defense Instructor Certification - 2 days (12 to 16 hours)
Requires previous participation in the Basic Reactive Knife Defense Course The reactive Knife Instructor Certification course is designed to give the participant an in-depth hands-on experience with the principles and concepts dealing with edged weapon defense. It covers different drills and exercises designed to develop spontaneity in reacting to an unexpected attack. This course also certifies individuals to conduct the Basic Reactive Knife Course. A written and practical examination will be administered in order in order to qualify for certification as an instructor.

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